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Conference Speaking

  • Integrative Leadership: Building a Foundation for Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational Success: Integrative Leadership is a philosophy, foundational model, universal principles and emerging practices that allow individuals and organizations to integrate their four domains of intelligence (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) and three levels of awareness (mechanistic, organic, wholistic) by exercising their power of choice. The results are extraordinary personal and organizational performance, regardless of how that performance is measured.

  • Empowering Women’s Leadership
    • Three keys for empowering women’s leadership:
      • Cultivate authenticity through getting clear on your leader intention and identity
      • Cultivate self care and self compassion
      • Cultivate courage and confidence

  • Three Tried and True Leadership Development Tools
    You will experience, and take away tools to practice and share with others and be given further resources for
    • Growing your self awareness
    • Enhancing foundational relationship skills
    • Cultivating resilience

  • Facilitation using World Café and Open Space Technology for large groups at  Conferences

  • The Leadership Imperative: Uncovering the Leader Within: Learn the difference between management and leadership and explore and experience the five exemplary practices that will allow you and your organization to make the transition from a management to leadership culture.

  • Emotional Intelligence: Developing the Heart of Leadership: This program shows ways to awaken the heart of life and leadership through self and social awareness and relationship management. Participants will learn the four dimensions, twenty competencies and the transformational processes that will help develop your own and your organizations emotional intelligence.

  • Social Intelligence: Enhancing & Strengthening Relationships: Learn the twelve principles of strengthening personal and interpersonal relationships that will help you in all aspects of your personal and professional life. Ideal for a group retreat format.

  • Spiritual Intelligence: Awakening the Soul of Leadership: SI is the ultimate intelligence that helps build a platform for physical, mental and emotional intelligence to input in a balanced way into your problem solving, decision making and planning processes.

  • The Lighter Side of Life, Love and Leadership: Practicing the Art of Story Telling: This program will help develop your sixth sense of humor, cultivate the ability to tell a good story and harvest life lessons that will help you and your organization successfully walk the path of personal and organizational integration.

  • Visionary Leadership: Developing Your Intuition: Developing our natural intuition, creative imaginations, accessing daily inspirations and interpreting our nightly dreams are methods of developing personal and organizational excellence. This program explores the cultivating of intuition and innovation to enhance life, love, work and play.

  • The One Minute Meditator: Connecting with Inner Wisdom: Learn and experience a simple universal five step method of relaxing, reflecting and allowing yourself to deeply listen to the still small voice of inner wisdom in everyday affairs of life and leadership.

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