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Integrative Leadership™ is a wholistic approach to leading yourself, others, and in organization/community, in a reflective, conscious, and responsive way, according to your vision, mission and values.


Integration involves:

  • Utilizing 4 domains of intelligence ( mental, physical, spiritual and emotional )
  • Cultivating 3 levels of awareness ( transactional, transformational and transcendent or wholistic )
  • Exercising your power of choice and responding according to your Ideal Self/Vision
  • Experiencing  a life of integration, oneness, flow, abundance


Integrative Leaders live lives of deep purpose, meaning and connection; make extraordinary contributions to the people, teams, organizations and communities they serve; and experience a joy of the journey along the way. Whole people, whole leaders, whole families,  whole teams/organizations/communities!

Integrative Leadership Programs and Events

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