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Integrative Leadership: Building a Foundation for Personal, Interpersonal and Organizational Success

What is Integrative Leadership?

Integrative Leadership is a wholistic approach to leading oneself and others in a reflective, conscious, thoughtful and responsive way. The process of integration involves multiple perspectives (intrapersonal, interpersonal, organizational, cultural), Four Domains of Intelligence (physical, mental, emotional and spiritual) and Three Levels of Awareness (personality, individuality, universality) that helps build, through the exercise of our Power of Choice, a foundation for personal, interpersonal and organizational success.

Walking the Path of Integrative Leadership

Integrative Leadership is harmoniously and simultaneously walking the path of the mystic (inner journey) and the path of conventional leadership (outer journey) in every day life and work. It is a way of illuminating the path that would allow individuals to evolve in three ways; from individual contributors, team players to managers; from managers to effective leaders; and from effective leaders to Visionary, Integrative and Enlightened Leaders. Integrative Leadership provides a method and process for integrating the often paradoxical duality of involutionary spiritual leadership (inside out) and evolutionary scientific leadership (outside in) within the awakened heart of the Integrative Leader. The Integrative Leader practices and helps facilitate, extraordinary personal, interpersonal and organizational performance regardless of how that performance is measured.

About the program:

Through dialogues, exercises and small and large group discussions, this program will expose participants to the most current research in integrative and integral thinking and suggest how this paradigm, philosophy, model, principles and practices will impact our socio-economic framework in the next decade. The program sets the context for personal and organizational performance as we transition from the information, knowledge to the Age of Integration, Synthesis and Wisdom

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