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Emotional Intelligence II: Experiencing the Path

(Pre-requisite: Emotional Intelligence I or previous course work in EI)

  “The emotionally intelligent leader creates a reservoir of positivity that inspires, arouses passion and enthusiasm, instills trust and creates (an organizational) climate that fosters innovation, all-out performance and warm, lasting customer and employee relations.”
. . . Daniel Goleman, 2002, Primal Leadership)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is not a short-term technique, tool or recipe, but a lifelong process of growing awareness and relationship with yourself and others.

In “Experiencing the Path”, we will review the competencies and behaviors that represent the most current research on EI and apply them in the classroom. We will then move deeper to personally experiencing and developing the practices that inform those behaviors. We will then move even deeper to examine the principles of EI that inform the practices that help us to align our competencies and behaviors.

We will also have an opportunity to experience and apply the six steps of the Transformational EI process that leads to sustainable change of heart.

Experiencing the Path is for the weak and the strong of heart that desire to apply understand, and experience the developmental and transformational processes of EI in their own lives. Through application of the EI principles and practices, you will positively influence and help positively change the lives of others.

About the Program:

In this session, through a series of lectures, dialogues, small group discussion and self assessments, you will understand the competencies, practices and principles of Emotional Intelligence in simple and practical ways that will enhance relationships with yourself and others.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how to apply EI in Daily Life and Work
  • Experience the 5 Ways to Improve your EQ
  • Apply the Six Steps of the Transformational EI Process that leads to a Change of Heart
  • Formulate Plans, Contributions and Conclusions (Taking EQ home with You)

Who Should Attend?

You will most benefit from the course if you:

  • Have taken Emotional Intelligence: Pathway to Potential or other previous courses in EI
  • Are committed to your own personal growth and development
  • Work with others to facilitate their growth & development as an adult educator, career development practitioner, change agent or manager and leader.

Workshop Facilitator: Rick Hatala, P.Eng is Executive Director of Integrative Leadership International whose purpose is to help individuals and organizations become more integrated. Rick has over 25 years experience in the energy industry: 15 years as an emerging corporate intrapreneur and 10 years as a corporate entrepreneur. He is a professional engineer, professional speaker, and author and has worked as a senior corporate executive and manager, senior consultant and workshop facilitator. He was one of the Founders, President and CEO of several energy, consulting and service related companies. He has consulted on corporate strategy and the use of new technology and led workshops on topics that include entrepreneurial leadership, uncovering the leader within, innovation and risk taking, personal and corporate transformation and applying the creative spirit within business. Rick is a lifelong student of depth psychology, management, leadership and the world’s wisdom and mystic traditions. His most recent book, co-authored with Lillas Marie Hatala, is entitled, “Integrative Leadership: Building a foundation for personal, interpersonal and organizational success.”

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