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Integrative Leadership: Taking Leadership to the Next Level


“The process of becoming an effective leader is much the same as becoming an integrated human being.”
. . . Warren Bennis

Do you want to feel more fulfilled and confident as a leader? Do you want to build a foundation for personal, interpersonal, and organizational success? Do you want more passion, energy, and sense of purpose in your life and leadership endeavors? Do you want to clarify, harmonize, and strengthen your personal, interpersonal, and organizational relationships?

Integrative Leadership™ is a wholistic approach to leading oneself and others in a reflective, conscious, thoughtful, and responsive way. The process of integration involves multiple perspectives, four domains (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual) of intelligence and three levels of awareness (mechanistic, organic, holistic). The path of integration is about rekindling the curiosity to know yourself (Model), learn where you are going (Ideal), and what you are here to do (Mission).

The course is designed for professionals who have embarked on their personal leadership journey and desire to explore the depths of leadership. You will receive an Integrated Myers-Briggs Assessment (MBTI), an Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ), a Spiritual Intelligence Assessment (SIA), the book, Integrative Leadership, and a follow-up telephone coaching/consulting session, with the option to purchase additional integrative coaching sessions. You will learn practical tools, techniques and practices that, through application, are designed to transform knowledge into understanding, and transcend understanding into inner wisdom.


  • Learn a foundational framework model of Integrative Leadership™
  • Explore the seven steps of becoming an Integrative Leader
  • Acknowledge, awaken, develop, and learn to align the four domains of intelligence
  • Experience and apply the twelve Integrative Transformative and Transcendent Practices (ITTP)™
  • Enhance the effectiveness, productivity, and performance of you and your organization.

Method of learning:

Through a series of assessments, presentations, personal reflections, group dialogue, and experiential exercises, this program will explore how to develop confidence and how to communicate and act on your inner wisdom, intuition, and inspirations (involution), while remaining in balance with your personal logic, rationale, and experience (evolution). The result produces extraordinary personal and organizational performance, regardless of how that performance is measured.

Workshop Leaders:

Lillas Marie Hatala & Rick Hatala

Lillas is Executive Director of Integrative Leadership International Ltd and Rick is CEO of Integrative Energy Ltd. Together, they are co-founders of the leading edge Integrative Leadership Institute. They have developed and facilitated Integrative Life and Leadership programs in Canada and abroad, and have co-authored the foundational book, Integrative Leadership.

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