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Programs & Events

The I.L.I. offers programs, retreats and seminars in partnership with other organizations and educational institutions in Canada and abroad. Programs are held in various locations, dates and times. Continue to watch this website for updated public programs that may be offered.

The programs currently available for booking and also scheduled are:

Integrative Leadership: Taking Leadership to the Next Level
The Leadership Development Series: A Customized in-house Progressive Leadership Development Program
Yoga for Leader Wellbeing Retreats
Yoga of Leadership: cultivating presence, power and prosperity
Strengthening University Leadership
Developing Your Emotional Intelligence
Team Building and MBTI
Adaptive Leadership
Empowering Women's Leadership
Managing Your People for Engagement, Empowerment and Encouragement
Emotional Intelligence I: Pathway to Potential
Emotional Intelligence II: Practicing the Path


Upcoming Programs & Events

To view a list of upcoming programs & events, click here.

 Integrative Leadership: Taking Leadership to the Next Level

“The process of becoming an effective leader is much the same as becoming an integrated human being.” 
. . . Warren Bennis

Do you want to feel more fulfilled and confident as a leader? Do you want to build a foundation for personal, interpersonal, and organizational success? Do you want more passion, energy, and sense of purpose in your life and leadership endeavors? Do you want to clarify, harmonize, and strengthen your personal, interpersonal, and organizational relationships? More information . . .


"The highlight for me of Integrative Leadership was hearing the stories of other leaders and experiencing the energy of those who are consciously walking the path of integration."

"The Integrative Leadership program was led by inspiration that took the participants to where we needed to go in a specific time frame. I liked the deep reflection and inner work. It was an invaluable experience to look at all the different ways of dealing with the Four Domains of Intelligence and any issues and challenges that we may face along the path."

"Awesome course! The tools and application to a personal life plan was a highlight for me. Rick-your wisdom is extensive and your knowledge of the subject matter was extraordinary. Lillas, you present strength with quiet passion. I really appreciated that the course was modified (pace and exercises) to fit the needs of the group. You were both able to surrender to an emergent process. Well done!"

"Originally I had expected Integrative Leadership to add to my repertoire of leadership materials. Instead, it re-awakened a part of me that had died."

"The support and acceptance of the need to change was a highlight for me. How it can be done was outlined and clearly communicated within the presentation and facilitation of the program. It gives courage to a person that wants to become an Integrative Leader."

"I found the whole aspect of spiritual intelligence and how to integrate spirit into our work place fascinating and worthwhile. Also the ideas and concepts behind self growth being essential to the leadership process to prevent the case of the "blind leading the blind."

"The Integrative Leadership program was life changing. Thank you so much for the experience and the tools to look inside. Lillas and Rick are amazing facilitators and I was honored to share this experience with them."

"Integrative Leadership is a truly great program. We need to get the word out throughout the corporate world. We need to find the way to help CEO's and V.P.'s hear the message and trust enough to let the process of integration happen for themselves and their organizations."

"I really appreciated the opportunity to participate in such a "cutting edge" leadership program. I would strongly recommend that it continue to be offered in any way possible in any venue possible."

"Leading from the heart with compassion are things everyone should learn. Respecting and loving one another should be a requirement for any leadership role. This course is exactly what humankind needs for the coming transition from the mechanistic, through the organic to the wholistic paradigm that is the essence of the Age of Integration."

"I enjoyed your individual energies and the dynamics of the duo of Lillas and Rick-modeling gender balance and collaborative leadership. For me life is all about growth and integration-always and continually striving to get further down the path at work or play. This program is clarification that I am moving in the right direction."

"Both workshop leaders had an in depth understanding and knowledge about the many different aspects of walking the path of integration and spoke to their personal life experiences. It was clear that Rick and Lillas have a passion and live what they teach. The program was well prepared, presented and relevant, with very good facilitation. All handout materials were good for future use. The most important was the model of integrative leadership and how it can be applied throughout one's life and in facilitating, inspiring, and sharing with others this holistic framework. It helped me value the decisions I have made in my recent life and career transitions. It will provide good references as I continue to be challenged and carry on the journey."

The Leadership Development Series: A Customized in-house Progressive Leadership Development Program

Highly interactive with short presentations, 360 feedback, and individual assessments (MBTI, TKI, EI and Resiliency), personalized leadership development plans reflection time, small and large group discussion in an atmosphere of respect, trust and creativity. The focus will be on real issues, meaningful conversations and working together to strengthen leadership in your respective organizations. A resource package will be included. More information . . .

Yoga for Leader Wellbeing Retreats

Lillas Hatala: Registered Yoga TeacherLillas is a Registered Yoga Teacher ( RYT) trained in the Iyengar tradition, graduating from the Yoga Studio College of Canada in Calgary, in 2005. She has taken advanced yoga and meditation training from the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing, Raja Yoga from the Sivananda Ashram, Yoga Therapy from Mount Royal University, and has recently completed her Integrative Restoration (yoga nidra) Certification from the Integrative Restoration Institute.

Lillas offers “Yoga for Leader Wellbeing” sessions within Leadership Development retreats for business and community leaders. Lillas coteaches with Marie Brown Berg, Sivananda yoga teacher , “Jai Ma Yoga Retreats”, at the Land of the Loons Resort on Anglin Lake , Saskatchewan. Lillas and Rick offer the “Yoga of Leadership Program “annually at the Sivananda Ashram, Paradise Island, Bahamas. More information . . .

The Yoga of Leadership: cultivating presence, power and prosperity

Yoga is for everyone! Leadership is for everyone!

The Yoga of Leadership is the embodiment of authentic, conscious and integrative leadership for life.   The practice of Yoga is the deep inner work of a leader, whereas the practice of leadership is naturally expressing your connection with inner wisdom in the world.

This is a unique offering for women who love the yoga path or are curious about the yoga path and who also love the leadership path or are curious about the leadership path.

We invite you to immerse yourself in transformational leadership and yoga and gain the capacity to uplevel leading in your life, your relationships, and your world! 

Through short teachings, stories, individual reflection, guided meditation and exercises, partner and group dialogue, pranayama, and asana practices suitable for all experience levels you will:
•  Explore the why, what’s, and how’s of the Yoga of Leadership
•  Cultivate your leadership presence in your life, love, work and play
•  Inspire yourself and others to lead from a place of deep authenticity
•  Attract meaningful relationships, abundant wellbeing, and prosperity in your life
•  Leave with your next steps for becoming an irresistibly radiant whole and empowered leader of your life
•  Receive a Yoga of Leadership workbook  in which to journal, read up to date resource material and take away tools
   and reference for further learning and development.

What Past Participants are Saying:

“Wonderful balance of Yoga/Leadership focus. It provided the opportunity to reflect and participate on a variety of levels that comes together
as a very integrated, fulfilling and transformational process. The specialized background and skills of these trainers balanced each other and their enthusiasm for the Yoga of Leadership is both enigmatic and energizing”
  - Marilyn, Attorney and Yoga Practitioner

“Thank you for creating an environment that immediately created a welcoming safe space. This is so rare to find in a time when our deepest connection appears to be through social media. Coming together with other women and sharing our deepest dreams and longings was amazing. I am so impressed that this could be shared even though we did not all know one another. I left this offering with a sense of new friends and authentic connection to both myself and others. How beautiful if all leaders and those aspiring to lead were directed to lead from their heart.” - Donna, Social Worker and Yoga Teacher

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Strengthening University Leadership

Lillas provides Leadership Development Program Design, Facilitation and Coaching on leadership initiatives, leadership conferences and forums, leadership development programs and retreats, and coach's leaders in universities and colleges.  She has a particular interest in leadership in higher education and is knowledgeable about the challenges of leading in a university and college culture.  Lillas has worked with thousands of university leaders from across Canada as well as leaders in the USA, Australia and Qatar and has presented at international academic and professional conferences on the topic of leadership in higher education.  

Leadership Programs in Higher Education   

Academic and Administrative Leadership Development (One to Three Day Programs)

  • University of Calgary, Executive Leadership Coaching, Admin& Academic Leaders ( 2013 to present)
  • Center for Higher Education, Research & Development (CHERD), and University of Manitoba: Strengthening University Leadership, Calgary and Toronto (2002- 2003).
  • University of Alberta:  Academic Leadership Development (2001 to present)
  • University of Saskatchewan: Academic and Administration Leadership Development (1994 - 2004)
  • Mount Royal University:  Academic & Administrative Leadership Development (2007 to present)
  • University of Northern British Columbia:  Academic Leadership Development (2004)
  • Memorial University in Newfoundland:  Academic and Administrative Leadership Development (2002 -2004)
  • Concordia University:  Academic and Administrative Leadership Development (2006 to 2010)
  • Carleton University:  Academic Leadership Development (2001 - 2005)
  • SIAST:  Administrative Leadership Development (2012) 
  • University of Nevada, Team Building (1999)
  • University of Canberra, Australia: Academic Leadership Development (1999)
  • Grande Prairie Regional College: Academic & Administration Leadership Development (2012)
  • University of Regina and University of Saskatchewan: Collaborative Leadership for Academics Administrators (1998-1999)
  • University of Calgary Qatar (2014)

 Conference Presentations: Academic Leadership

  • Canadian Association of Fine Arts Deans (2011 and 2012)
  • Leadership Challenge Conference (2008)
  • Saskatchewan Association of Women in Learning & Leadership Conference: (Higher Education, 2005)
  • Canadian Association of University Continuing Education (2001)
  • Canadian Association of Arts & Science Deans (2004)
  • Conference Board of Canada:  Academic Leadership (2000)
  • US Universities Conference on Management and Executive Education (1999)
  • American Association of Universities & Colleges (2000)
  • American Universities and Colleges Human Resources Association (1999)


"This was incredibly helpful to my success as an effective leader. I have attended many workshops, seminars and training sessions and was amazed on how much I took away from your two day leadership retreat on 'Adaptive Leadership: moving through challenging times'. I was most impressed by how you kept everyone engaged and the collaborative atmosphere fostered brought forth energy and excitement. This workshop was one of the most valuable I've ever attended."

Dr. Kim Critchley, Dean& CEO University of Calgary, Qatar, 2014

"Lillas Hatala is an exceptional compliment to the Academic Leadership Development Program here at the University of Alberta.  I have had the privilege to collaborate with her in the design, development and facilitation of our Academic Leadership Development Program on Campus since 2003.  Her knowledge, skill and expertise in the area of Leadership Development shines through with ease and grace with the impact being high regard from the Academic Leaders she has worked with over the years.   Lillas continually upgrades her own knowledge and skill to apply directly to her work and is an avid learner... a high quality and value for someone in a role of developing others.  Lillas has a smooth ability to masterfully facilitate learning and engage the learners in meaningful dialogue that leads to personal growth of the participant.  Lillas is a true professional in the field of leadership development and is an individual I hold in high regard." 

Victor Shewchuk, Senior Advisor, Organizational Learning and Effectiveness, University of Alberta, 2013

"As lead curriculum developer and instructor, Lillas has been instrumental in the successful design and launch of Mount Royal University's Leadership Development Extension Certificate Program. Her vast knowledge, passion and experience in leadership training, facilitation and coaching is evident from design through delivery. Lillas has an empowering, integrative approach to leadership training. Her dedication and professionalism have not only made for an excellent working relationship, but also helped to produce a first-rate curriculum and high praise from program participants. I look forward to working with her on future endeavours."

Patty Moore, Program Manager, Business Education & Training, Faculty of Continuing Education & Extension, Mount Royal University, 2012

Developing Your Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence plays a vital role in determining success and happiness in both work and life. It helps us motivate ourselves, manage stress more effectively, embrace change, strengthen important relationships and manage interpersonal conflict more effectively.  Emotional Intelligence draws on the ability to become aware, identify, analyze and manage individual and group emotions. Unlike IQ, EQ (EI) is a skill that can be improved through training and development, and practice.

Text and online EQ appraisal: Bradberry and Greaves (2009) Emotional Intelligence 2.0. This text, comes with an online link and password to complete an online EQ self appraisal. This appraisal must be completed and printed and brought to this one day program.


  • Demystify and clarify what is emotional intelligence.
  • Learn why it is important in today's workplace and that it is missing development for most people.
  • Self assess your emotional intelligence, identify your strengths and areas for development
  • Learn the four major competencies  - emotional self  awareness and emotional self management:  and other or social awareness and relationship management.
  • Expand your repertoire of practical strategies to increase your emotional intelligence at work
  • Leave with a development plan to grow your emotional intelligence

Program Approach:

  • Self EI appraisal completed online and printed ahead and brought to program
  • Short presentations, and up to date resource material, including a handout package and reference list
  • Highly interactive with partner, small and large group dialogue
  • Time for reflection and EI development planning In an atmosphere of trust, reflection, participation, confidentiality and fun!

Team Building and MBTI

Team Building Context and Outcomes:
The overall intention of this retreat is to strengthen the (company) team, importantly connect with oneself and one another, by appreciating one's own and   one another's strengths, work styles and leadership styles, to build trust and encourage open communication.  This will be accomplished in an interactive, light hearted and relaxed way. The MBTI personality type tool will be used as a way to "fast track" the understanding and appreciating of one another's strengths, work styles and leadership styles. We will create opportunities to gather data for a shared vision for the team, among other needs for the team.

At this retreat, team members will:

  • Participate in a number of appreciative activities such as "good things are happening activity" by sharing personal and professional highlights from the past year and also what you are most looking forward to in the coming year
  • Using the MBTI tool, individually and collectively understand and appreciate one another's  strengths, work styles and leadership styles,  identify where the team strengths are,  and importantly where you as a leader  may need to flex your style to work together more effectively  
  • Leave with greater insight and appreciation for   one's own and   one another's strengths and contributions to the team, and where further individual and team development opportunities exist, and capture next steps and followup.


  • Overall highly interactive, with partner , small and large group dialogue  AND Individual  assessment (MBTI) and  reflection
  • Each team member will complete the MBTI assessment online, ahead of the retreat, and the confidential report will be given to each person at the retreat
  • Accomplished in an atmosphere of trust, respect, confidentiality and fun!

Adaptive Leadership

Context & Outcomes:
This intensive two and a half day program is designed to help you integrate and consider application of your learning thus far in the program and refine your leadership development plan going forward from an adaptive leadership perspective.

Goals will be to:

  • Consider an adaptive leadership framework and how the adaptive approach and techniques can help you and your Faculty make progress on tough leadership challenges.
  • Learn about the five competencies that influence leadership success, as based on the research of Jim Kouzes and Barry Posner.
  • Review your leadership vision and values, increase awareness of your leadership strengths and areas for development through 360 feedback and self-assessment activities, and develop an integrated leadership development plan.
  • Leave with more clarity about how this cohort can take steps to strengthen leadership, team and organizational capacity by determining practices that are core to the future and practices which are obstacles


  • Highly interactive and emergent, combining the use of key questions, reflection, peer support, and small and large group activities in an atmosphere of trust and respect.
  • Use of assessments - receive leadership feedback (LPI 360), learn more about conflict styles (TKI) and personality and leadership (MBTI).
  • Focus on real issues, meaningful conversations, and working together.

Empowering Women's Leadership

Context and Outcomes:
The overall intention of this retreat if for Women Leader to focus on what it means to be a leader in the 21st century, learn why this is such a great time for women's leadership, and how to step up and out in our personal leadership.  To take the very necessary time for positive renewal and nurturing through creative, appreciative, supportive and restful activities.

At this Retreat, participants will:

  • Awaken to   the leader within and personally experience how leadership is for everyone, beginning by leading yourself personally/professionally; in family/team; and in our organization/community
  • Learn why this is such a great time to be a woman in leadership and to celebrate this!
  • Connect to your passions, identify your strengths and get clear on the ways you serve and contribute. This is your leader identity!
  • Take time for positive renewal and nurturing
  • Strengthen the support that you offer and receive from one another, and build community
  • Identify next steps in your personal and the groups leadership development
  • Leave renewed, strengthened in your unique leader identity, with   ways to support and help one another on your respective leadership for life journey.


  • Overall highly interactive, a few short presentations, with partner and group conversation AND self reflection
  • Using   appreciative, creative, supportive and renewing   approaches, in an atmosphere of light heartedness, trust, respect, confidentiality and fun!

Managing Your People for Engagement, Empowerment and Encouragement

Managing Your People: The 3E’s

Managing Your Employees for Engagement is part of a three day Managing People series that includes:

  1. Managing Your People for Engagement. Engagement is a person’s positive relationship with their work. It is affected by the manager, the culture, systems, structures and people in the organization.
  1. Managing Your People for Empowerment. Empowerment is what a manager does for their people; to give them the responsibility and accountability for their work, decisions and implementation
  1. Managing Your People by Encouragement. Encouragement is what a manager does with and provides for their people.

Managing Your People for Engagement, is for supervisors and managers to learn the tools and techniques for understanding and effectively engaging your employees in their work.


  • Get clarity on your role as a supervisor/manager in enhancing employee engagement
  • Learn the   key considerations  that enhance employee engagement
  • Assess what leads to your engagement and also what engages others
  • Practice a method and tool for effective delegation that helps ensure personal responsibility and accountability
  • Conduct an appreciative interview to learn what is important to your employee and share what is important to you, and learn how this tool can be used to enhance employee engagement
  • Learn to create and strengthen relationships with your employees through empathic listening
  • Learn the distinctions between coaching and mentoring, and a simple coaching tool
  • Leave with a plan to get started on further engaging your people

Managing Your People through Empowerment, is for supervisors and managers to learn the concepts, tools and techniques for effectively empowering yourself and your people in their work.


  • Demystify the seven categories of power that as a supervisor or manager, you have at your discretion and can draw upon depending on the situation.
  • Learn which sources of power empower others, and how you can structure the work to allow your people to become more empowered.
  • Cultivate an expanded and infinite notion of personal power.
  • Learn how delegation, responsibility, self empowerment and personal accountability go hand in hand, all built on a foundation of trust.
  • Learn how the MBTI can help you understand and appreciate differences in yourself and others; to see that difficulties may be sourced from differences in personality type; how to work more effectively with others; and how as a supervisor and manager it is up to you to flex your type as needed to help your people be more effective, engaged and empowered at work. MBTI also helps Managers and Supervisors personalize meaningful recognition for their people
  • Leave with a plan to get started on further empowering  yourself and your people

Managing Your People by Encouragement, is for supervisors and managers to learn the concepts, tools and techniques for encouraging yourself and your people in their work. Managers and supervisors have the opportunity to bring out the best in themselves and others by recognizing strengths, praising for a job well done, celebrating small and large wins along the way, increasing social interaction, and building a sense of team spirit and community. 


  • Learn the Essentials of Encouraging the Heart
  • Learn how to give recognition and positive meaningful developmental feedback
  • Learn a foundational model of interpersonal communication to help you increase your human moments at work.
  • Experience the human moment at work by honestly expressing and empathically listening to one another.
  • Experience the power of Active and Constructive Responding and the power of Positive Renewal.

Leave take away tools, and with a plan to get started on further encouraging   yourself and your people through recognition, celebration and increasing social interaction.

Emotional Intelligence I: Pathway to Potential

“Leadership is not an affair of the head. Leadership is an affair of the heart.”
. . . (Kouzes & Posner, 2002, The Leadership Challenge)

Lifelong success depends on our ability to understand and effectively manage emotional states in ourselves and others. Emotional Intelligence (EI) permeates and influences every aspect of our personal and working lives. Developing EI increases your competitive advantage and empowers you to perform at your best. And as you do so, so will others resonate with you within your organization. More information . . .


“Rick is an amazing instructor. He knew and was passionate about the subject of Emotional Intelligence. He conveyed the material so well, he not only passed on knowledge, but he changed my life.”

“The EI program gave me a strong opportunity for personal and spiritual growth and development. My key learning was that to understand others, I needed to first deeply understand myself.”

“I would recommend this course on EI to every person on the planet!”

“The class participation and group presentations were amazing. By early in the second day of the course, it felt like we all knew each other really well, even though the class was only two days in length. For strangers to bond like that I found amazing.”

“In the midst of this program on Emotional Intelligence, I discovered answers to questions I had always wondered about.”

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Emotional Intelligence II: Experiencing the Path

“The emotionally intelligent leader creates a reservoir of positivity that inspires, arouses passion and enthusiasm, instills trust and creates (an organizational) climate that fosters innovation, all-out performance and warm, lasting customer and employee relations.”
  . . . Daniel Goleman, 2002, Primal Leadership)

Emotional Intelligence (EI) is not a short-term technique, tool or recipe, but a lifelong process of growing awareness and relationship with yourself and others. More information . . .


“Rick teaches with passion. He integrates knowledge, experiences and personal practices and creates a space for the learner to do the same. He is an amazing instructor.”

“Rick’s enthusiasm was infectious. His personal self disclosure personalized the learning and was a huge benefit to the course.”

“I thought Rick was astounding! His grasp of the subject matter of EI and his ability to effectively transfer his knowledge to the class was inspiring. I would love to attend further workshops on this subject with Rick as the facilitator.”

“Rick’s openness, authenticity and professionalism were much appreciated. This class is informative and eye opening where I had many “Ah Ha” moment.”

“Thank you for the experience of Emotional Intelligence. It will be one that I will not forget.”


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