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About Us
Our Vision

Is to be internationally recognized for the development of Integrative Leaders™ who make a positive contribution in their own lives, the lives of others and the organizations and communities they have chosen to serve.

Our Mission

Is to help individuals, groups and organizations become more integrated.

We Believe . . .
In our years as reflective practitioners of leadership we have come to believe that leadership is:

  • Everyone’s business regardless of position or situation. Everyone has the capacity to lead. Leadership is a choice; an opportunity and a privilege.
  • Development of the whole person. All leadership development is ultimately self-development.
  • About people and process whereas management is about work and goals. Both are needed for sustainable success.
  • About meaningful and purposeful relationships with yourself and others.
  • About producing transactional, transformational and transcendent change, individually and organizationally.
  • About an outside story (actions, behaviors, opinions) and an inside story (intentions, thoughts, feelings) that require balance, truth, compassion and wisdom to be effectively integrated.
  • About learning. Leaders are learners who learn by:
    1. experience
    2. accessing role models, coaches, mentors, counselors and
    3. education, training and development.
  • We believe that everyone can, through patient and consistent practice, become a better leader.

We believe that the greatest leverage to being a responsive, Integrative Leader is through personal development addressing multiple perspectives, all four intelligences, all three levels of awareness and awakening and effectively using our power of choice.

Board of Advisors

Lillas Marie Hatala Lillas Marie Hatala, MCEd, CHRP, CMC, Executive Director at Integrative Leadership International Ltd
Lillas brings over 25 years experience as a leading edge leadership and management development practitioner, facilitator, coach and consultant, working with individuals, teams, and organizations in the private, public and not for profit sectors, in North America and beyond. She is the coauthor of Integrative Leadership (2005), The Integrative Leadership Study Guide (2008), The Business Case for Leadership Development (2008), and numerous published articles.  Read more . . .

To read Lillas Marie Hatala's resume please click here.
Richard John Hatala Richard Hatala, BSc, P.Eng, PMP
Principal at Integrative Technologies International Inc, ILI Director

Rick is a Director of Integrative Leadership International and President of Integrative Technologies International.  He has 35 years experience in the energy industry: 15 years with Gulf Canada Resources, a major upstream oil and gas company  Read more . . .

To read Rick Hatala's Resume please click here.
Dr. Joel and Michelle Levey Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey: I.L.I. Board Members
Dr. Joel & Michelle Levey's integral and pioneering work spans many disciplines including: developing healthy high performing organizational teams and cultures; leadership development & change resilience; integrative & mind body medicine; noetic & mind sciences; peak performance training & laboratory research on extra-ordinary human potential. Read more . . .














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