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Spiritual Intelligence: Awakening the Soul of Leadership


“Perhaps we lost our way when we forgot that the heart of leadership lies in the hearts of leaders. We fooled ourselves, thinking that sheer bravado or sophisticated analytic techniques could respond to our deepest concerns. We lost touch with a most precious human gift -- our spirit”.
(Lee G. Bolman and Terrence E. Deal, 2002, Leading with Soul)

“There is an understanding and practice of leadership that elevates spirit, honors the whole self, and encourages us to use all of our energies
in the activities of leadership. There is an understanding and practice of leadership that taps into the best that is within us, that gives each of us an opportunity to be involved and engaged. There is an understanding and practice of leadership that helps us discover meaning in our work, that helps us live out our vision and make our mission manifest. It is an understanding that makes use of our spiritual energy, and it is understood as a spiritual experience. It leads to inspired performance.”
(Russ S. Moxley, 2000, Leadership and Spirit)

Much of leadership research over the past one hundred years has focused on linking the three dimensions of hands (behaviors), head (thoughts)  and most recently heart (feelings), often neglecting the fourth dimension of our human natures, our spirit or soul. Spiritual Intelligence (SI) is the essential dimension that provides an inner platform and foundation from which to integrate our life and work, physically, mentally and emotionally.

Spiritual intelligence is about meaning and purpose, intent and integrity. It is about calling and vocation, and not just about a job. It is about sensing the interconnectedness of life, and not necessarily about being religious. It is about allowing our essence to express with authenticity, clarity and conviction. It is not just about the intelligence of the body, nor of the rational mind--although it contains elements of both--but is about connecting with the intelligence of the soul. When this connection occurs, miracles happen, creativity abounds, new options are seen, and new visions are apprehended for the benefit of yourself, others and your organization. And you have an opportunity to become a visionary leader, and by your presence, help create a successful, visionary life and organization, which is the very essence of Integrative LeadershipTM.

About the program:

In this leading edge program, through a series of lectures, dialogues, self assessments and experiential exercises, you will understand the elements of spiritual intelligence (SI); determine your current spiritual intelligence quotient (SQ) and learn how to develop spiritual awareness that can lead you to profitably transform yourself and your company into a visionary, sustainable and life giving organization.

Program Outline:

  • Experiencing the essence of Spiritual Intelligence (SI)
  • Evaluating your Spiritual Intelligence Quotient (SQ)
  • Understanding the seven dimensions of Spiritual Intelligence (SI)
    • Connection (Attuning to Inner Wisdom)
    • Mindfulness (Cultivating awareness of the interconnection between body, mind and soul)
    • Exploration (Reawakening your search for truth and finding a source of sacred authenticity)
    • Communion (Enhancing your ability for soul to soul communication)
    • Perception (Both Sensory and remaining open to Extra Sensory Perception)
    • Awakening (Experiencing Trigger Events, both traumatic and blissful)
    • Reflection (Reflecting on your life events in the context of your spiritual heritage/history)
  • Seven practices to develop and enhance your SI Quotient.
  • Summary, Plans and Conclusions


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