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Integrative Leadership International provides three areas of services as follows:

Conference Speaking (Keynotes and Breakout Sessions)
Integrative Life & Leadership Coaching

Consulting and Facilitating

Conference Speaking (Keynotes and Breakout Sessions)

I. Speaker Topics

Engaging and Interactive Conference Speaking.

II. For Meeting Planners


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Integrative Life and Leadership Coaching

“Whole people bring a kind of magic into the systems they are leading.”
Elizabeth & Guilford Pinchot

In a coaching relationship the entire focus is on you, on what you want in life/work and what will help you achieve it .Lillas takes a holistic approach and some of the areas for coaching can include:

  • Discovery and enhancement of your  strengths
  • Get clear on  your personal/professional vision, mission and values
  • Strategic, personal and professional actions that meet or exceed goals
  • More meaningful lives personally and in your  workplaces
  • Ideas and strategies to help you build more effective relationships, deal with challenging situations and people, and lead a more balanced  and integrated life

Here is what you can expect:

  1. Develop a coaching agreement – a four to six month commitment demonstrates your willingness to challenge your current thinking and practices and make sustainable changes for yourself.
  2. Reflect on key questions in the 'intake conversations': your intentions, objectives, obstacles and gaps.
  3. Initial conversationin person or by telephone for approximately two hours. Topics will include: Fulfillment in various areas of your life, your values and commitment to these values and your coaching agenda.
  4. Coaching sessions by telephone or person - focusing on session goals, successes, challenges, accountability and learnings.
  5. Email and phone check-ins as required.


Read Testimonials from past participants in the Integrative Life and Leadership Coaching Program.

Consulting and Facilitating

Customized program design, development, delivery and facilitation of programs, retreats and strategic planning:

“Feed a man a fish and you have fed him once. Teach a man to fish and you have fed him for life.”
Anonymous Wisdom

Integrative Leadership International Ltd.  will partner with you and your organization to identify and meet your specific development needs. Drawing on a solid foundation of theory, research and practice, we will work with you to achieve the breakthroughs you need. Contact Integrative Leadership International , if you want to:

  • Create  Leadership Development Programs
  • Team Build
  • Create a Strategic Plan
  • Plan a leadership or yoga or wellbeing retreat
  • Engage  a  Facilitator
  • Work with a Coach

Instruments and Tools:

Lillas  contributes to your learning by using the following  well researched assessment tools:

The Leadership Practices Inventory (LPI) developed by Kouzes and Posner provides feedback from managers, colleagues and direct reports on key leadership practices.

A qualified instructor of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI), Lillas considers the MBTI one of the best tools to help people learn about themselves and understand and appreciate differences.

Emotional Intelligence is a set of abilities and competencies that are considered key for today's leaders. Lillas is a certified EQi 2.0 Bar On. •

Emotional Intelligence The EQ Map by Essi Systems.

The Thomas Kilmann Conflict Mode Instrument (TKI) The TKI is a powerful assessment that examines how conflict handling styles affect personal and group dynamics.

The Stress Map and the Resiliency Map by Essi Systems will help you map out your personal stress profile and identify areas for change.

See Sample Programs,  Workshops and Retreats click here.

For further discussion or more information on our Customized program design, development, delivery and facilitation of programs, retreats and strategic planning., send e-mail inquiries to

Past Clients and Testimonials

I. Past Clients - A list of clients who have participated in one of our programs.

II. Client Testimonials - Read testimonials from past participants of our programs.










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