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Client Testimonials

The Following are Comments from Workshop Participants:

"An excellent workshop on leadership practices where I received a lot of feedback on my leadership skills. The course material and the group exercises gave me a good insight on how to improve and be a more effective leader."
P. G., Superintendent, IMC Esterhazy

"Both seminar leaders were knowledgeable and passionate and could make the course material relevant to our experience and needs. Overall, the course was a real eye opener for me."
D. B., Senior Geologist, Cameco

"Outstanding program. The concepts presented reinforced some of my leadership skills and helped bring to light areas where I can improve."
P. H., IMC Esterhazy

"The leaders were able to tell stories how leadership works and how they helped lead various organizations. This was a very thorough workshop. I learned to apply all five areas of leadership and identified areas upon which I need to work to become a better leader."
R. C., Engineering Services, Saskatchewan Highways

"The personal insights are powerful. These will encourage me to think and act more positively." B. P., Cameco "Provided a useful insight into what makes people (and leaders) tick"
L. R., Dominion Construction

"The program took me to a place that I thought that I would never go..."
G. D., Delorne Seeds Ltd.

"The whole program for me was a highlight. But in particular, the activities and exercises really brought home the point of the material that was presented."
W. D., Doepker Industries Ltd.

"The program showed me that Leadership development is about exploring and developing ones self. I learned 'to thine own self, be true!'" "I found the information to be applicable to almost anyone. It was enlightening and opened my eyes to others as well as my own personality. What I have learned is to make a conscious effort to 'put myself in others shoes'.'"
K. C., Weyerhaeuser

"I highly recommend this program for any professional who aspires to be an effective leader."
R. E., Bourgault Industries Ltd.

"This program provided me with insights and tools that I can apply immediately. It spoke to what I needed right now in my personal and professional life. There were many awakenings and learning's for me in this program that are too numerous to list. But the essential thing that I have learned is that my journey of self discovery and fulfillment will lead me to becoming, in time, a great leader."
I. B., PMC Sierra

"Your program brought out the idea of heart and emotion very professionally and made it a business reality. This validates for me that these issues are key to leadership. Thank you for your gift of helping me believe in myself and the direction in which I personally am moving and what this means for where we are taking our company."
L. P., Technology Connections Ltd

"Your program made me see that I want more of this kind of leadership development. The evening validated my personal research as to what is important in working with and developing others. I very much enjoyed the evening and information presented. Thank you."
J. J., Relizon

"The evening was a good overview of information and I truly liked the transformational leadership model that was presented. The key for me was to continue to "encourage from the heart' and to do so even in the face of opposition. The facilitators were both very good in sharing their information and stimulating participatory reflections."
G. B., QuorTech Solutions Ltd.

"Lillas and Rick were excellent communicators and presenters. They kept the group focused and shared a lot of information in the three hour program. I really enjoyed the group work, interactions and discussions that allowed me to realize that other people are facing similair leadership challenges in their lives."
J. M., National Money Mart "

I really appreciated the amount of material covered in such a short period of time. I found it beneficial to get out of the continual stress to remember once again what is truly important. I really felt the presenters passion for the whole subject of leadership."
J. M., Quor Tech Solutions Ltd.

"Thank you for your insight, energy, receptiveness and responsiveness to my questions and to the group. I truly enjoyed the intellectual basis upon which the leadership information was derived, the warmth of the presenters and their flexibility in handling topics and interactions with participants. I was very impressed with the Lillas and Rick's ability to adapt the information being presented to the needs of the audience."
R. C., Hunt Personnel and Temporarily Yours Ltd.

General comments on the Program Leaders abilities and knowledge:

"Both facilitators came across as very knowledgeable and more importantly, very passionate about what they were saying. Thank you"

"The facilitators were excellent and very clear on their communication of the information"

"Both Lillas and Rick's knowledge and teaching skills were highly effective. Very well organized and executed program. The flow was continuous and understandable and relaxed with no rush necessary throughout the retreat. It was nice to have lots of time to reflect…"

"The facilitators demonstrated a wide breadth of knowledge in the field. It was a very good attention to organizing the presentations, mixing participation exercises and lectures and adhering to the timeline…"

"Rick and Lillas seemed to really know and understand leadership! The workshop progressed well. The exercises were very good and the handoffs between Rick and Lillas were natural displaying very good team work."

"Rick and Lillas complimented each other very well. They each had their own styles which were right on the money for the particular subject presented"

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