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Lillas Marie Biography: Speaker Topics

 Lillas Hatala is a Leadership Development author, speaker, coach, consultant, retreat leader and facilitator. She co-authored the book, Integrative Leadership: Building a Foundation for personal, interpersonal and organizational success (, The Business Case for Leadership Development ( and the Self Study Guide for Integrative Leadership (available fall 2007).

Lillas has worked as a leadership development consultant for 25 years and has led start up operations and leading edge programs, taught university level leadership courses, most recently as Executive Director Integrative Leadership International Ltd. She has delivered over a thousand leadership development (personal, team, and organizational) workshops to thousands of leaders in Canada, USA. South Africa and Australia in the public, non profit and private sectors.
Lillas's purpose is to awaken leaders to all of who they are - heart, body, mind and soul, to help them to become integrated and in that process bring forth their unique purpose and potential in service to themselves, others and their organizations. She believes in authentic ethical leadership in our personal, professional, interpersonal, and organizational lives.

Lillas has a Masters Degree in Continuing Education, is a CHRP (Certified Human Resources Professional), a Certified Myers Briggs Facilitator, a CAPS Professional (Canadian Association of Professional Speakers), an Inspirational Coach, and a part-time yoga/meditation teacher. Her interest in the 'whole or integrative person' and wellness has led to her indepth study at the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing, Centre for Timeless Being, Shambala Authentic Leader Institute and with Geshe Michael Roach (Diamond Mountain University) among others.


Speaker Topics:

Leadership Imperative: Becoming more effective personally, professionally and organizationally

  • Understand what is leadership and why the leadership imperative.
  • Learn a transformational model of leadership: The Leadership Challenge.
  • Identify your leadership strengths and areas for development.
  • Clarify your intentions, thoughts and feelings and actions that will lead to extraordinary personal, interpersonal and organizational leadership.

Integrative Leadership: Taking your leadership to the next level

  • Learn a contemporary foundational framework of integrative leadership.
  • Learn the seven steps of becoming an integrative leader.
  • Acknowledge, awaken, develop and learn to align the four domains of intelligence (spiritual, emotional, mental and physical) to truly lead from the authenticity of who you are in a thoughtful and responsive way. 

Leading Yourself through Change

  • Identify and understand current changes in your inner and outer environment
  • Consider how you currently react or would ideally respond to changes in your life and work
  • Learn ways to move gracefully through transactional, transformation and transcendent change
  • Leave with an intent, idea, feeling or action to strengthen your ability to lead your self through internal and external change.

Leading with Heart: Developing your emotional intelligence

  • Leadership is relationship – self and others
  • Leader know thyself – self awareness, self knowledge and self leadership
  • Leader know others- other awareness and relationship management
  • Learn ways to grow your emotional intelligence and truly lead with heart

Building Work life balance

  • Take stock of your current well-being – heart, body, mind and soul
  •  Learn and experience relaxing the body, calming the mind, and connecting to your passions and deep essence of who you are
  •  Learn ways to shift to a softer, gentler, sweeter, grace filled life that balances our inner being with our outer doing.

Strengthening relationships

  • Leadership is relationship and begins with deepening the relationship with your self
  • Leadership is relationship and involves creating and strengthening relationships both personally and professionally.
  • Learn the 12 principles of relationship
  •  Leave with ways of deepening relationships in your life.

Strengthening University Leadership

  • Learn current leadership and management theory and practices that are relevant to today’s university context.
  • Clarify your personal leadership vision, mission, and values; increase awareness of your leadership strengths and areas for development; and lead with greater influence and presence be it in the classroom, the department or wherever you are at the University.

“Lillas is passionate about her area of expertise and displays very strong knowledge, experience and confidence in presenting some of the “softer leadership” concepts. She provides a very non-threatening environment to explore some very personal leadership issues. A good, warm and empathetic instructor who made room for all types of perspectives. She was surprisingly adept at taking a group of people who don’t like wearing their hearts on their sleeves and getting them to talk about encouraging the heart. Lillas displays such sincerity and connection to her subject; it was enjoyable to participate. Really challenges honest and frequent reflection of leadership.”
Participant, Banff School for Advanced Management 87th session, Banff, Alberta, Canada.

“The leadership program was great in helping me reset, recalibrate, and refocus. Definitely will force me to be more conscious of my leader within and to take leadership action.”
Participant, Adobe, Santa Clara, California Back to Speaker's Biographies

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