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Emotional Intelligence: Developing the Heart of Leadership

“Leadership is not an affair of the head. Leadership is an affair of the heart.”
(Kouzes & Posner, 2002, The Leadership Challenge)

“The emotionally intelligent leader creates a reservoir of positivity that inspires, arouses passion and enthusiasm, instills trust and creates (an organizational) climate that fosters innovation, all-out performance and warm, lasting customer and employee relations.”
(Goleman, 2002, Primal Leadership)

Lifelong success depends on our ability to understand and effectively manage emotional states in ourselves and others. Emotional Intelligence (EI) permeates and influences every aspect of our personal and working lives. Developing EI increases your competitive advantage and empowers you to perform at your best. And as you do so, so will others resonate with you within your organization.

Goleman defines emotional intelligence as the capacity for recognizing our own feelings and those of others, for motivating ourselves, and for managing emotions well in our relationships and ourselves. Others have defined EI as the ability to monitor and regulate one’s own feelings and to use feelings to guide our thoughts and actions.

Leaders who are awake emotionally positively impact organizational climate that, according to Goleman’s research, accounts for nearly a third of bottom line business results.

About the program:

In this session, through a series of lectures, dialogues, small group discussion and self assessments, you will understand the what and why of emotional intelligence; you will understand your current level of EI through practical evaluation tools and assessments; and you will learn methods to increase and develop your EI quotient that will positively impact your life and the profitability of your organization.

Outline and Objectives of the Program:

  • The “what” and “why” of Emotional Intelligence (EI)?
  • Evaluating your Emotional Intelligence Quotient (EQ)
  • Understanding and Experiencing the Four Elements of Emotional Intelligence (Goleman, 2002, Primal Leadership)
    • Self-awareness (Leadership)
    • Self-management
    • Social Awareness
    • Relationship Management
  • Five Ways to Develop and Improve your Emotional Intelligence
  • Twenty Suggestions for overcoming an emotional hi-jacking
  • Plans, Contributions and Conclusions (Taking EI home with You)


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