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  • “The Integrative Leadership course is like no other leadership course I have come across. It goes beyond teaching the characteristics of leadership to teaching us how to build the character of a leader in ourselves – thereby providing the foundation for real and lasting leadership, both at work and at home. Lillas is a deeply engaged and attentive coach. I always feel as though she is fully present to me and whatever coaching I need at the moment, rather than following a predetermined agenda. Because of this, every coaching session with Lillas has led me to discover a significant and useful insight that I can apply to my daily life.”    Leslie  Regina, May 2011  2011

  • "What a pleasure to work hand in hand with Lillas! Her compassionate and caring nature helped me to realize my true potential, and begin communicating in a new way. Her commitment and warmth enabled me to deeply connect to my true self. This work is transformational."  Ally - Calgary, 2012

  • "The Feminine Power Transformational Leadership Coaching Program helped me to source and change many deep-rooted beliefs I had been holding onto about myself. It has given me the opportunity to strengthen important relationships. Lillas's gentle manner creates a welcoming safe environment for my growth." Louisa - Calgary, 2012
  • I retained Lillas Hatala to do some performance coaching after a period of several years of upheaval in my personal life, which, despite my best efforts to manage, was nevertheless negatively impacting my worklife. We began with some very healthy discussions tidentifying three keys areas where there was room for growth - patience, focus and trust. With an intentional strategy in place I was able to break through barriers and am now operating at a higher and more satisfying level professionally. I have also found a definite side benefit to my personal life outside of work. I fully recommend Lillas as a seasoned professional coach who has mastered the art of genuine care combined with intelligent goal-setting for her clients. Carol – Calgary July 2011
  • "My business partner and I had the privilege of participating in an Intensive Life and Leadership Coaching seminar conducted by Rick and Lillas Marie Hatala. We found the experience to be amazing. It linked for us the elements of life, love and leadership. We learned who we are as people determines how we lead ourselves and others. We developed our personal, interpersonal and organizational mission statements and explored our Ideals. We received invaluable relationship and life coaching that has inspired us to become more aware of our behaviors and how they positively and negatively affect others."
  • "We found that Rick and Lillas are gifted speakers, facilitators and highly effective life and business coaches. Their search for living a meaningful and integrated life is inspiring. Their wisdom, compassion and intuition are catalysts for effecting change in those with whom they come in contact. Their wholistic approach to life, leadership and business is refreshing and has resulted in positive changes individually and as partners in our entrepreneurial business."
  • "Our key learning from our engagement with Integrative Life and Leadership Coaching is that life, love, work and play are one. Rick and Lillas are truly visionary, enlightened and integrated leaders. Meeting them and moving into relationship with them has changed us and our organization for the better. They have shown and illuminated for us the path to move from good to great, and inspire us with the courage to continue our walk towards greatness."


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