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Yoga for Leader Wellbeing Retreats


Lillas is a Registered Yoga Teacher ( RYT) trained in the Iyengar tradition , graduating from the Yoga Studio College of Canada in Calgary, in 2005. She has taken advanced yoga and meditation training from the Chopra Centre for Wellbeing, Raja Yoga from the Sivananda Ashram, Yoga Therapy from Mount Royal University, and has recently completed her Integrative Restoration (yoga nidra) Certification from the Integrative Restoration Institute.

Lillas offers “Yoga for Leader Wellbeing” sessions within Leadership Development retreats for business and community leaders. Lillas coteaches with Marie Brown Berg, Sivananda yoga teacher , “Jai Ma Yoga Retreats”, at the Land of the Loons Resort on Anglin Lake , Saskatchewan. Lillas and Rick offer the “Yoga of Leadership Program “annually at the Sivananda Ashram, Paradise Island, Bahamas.

Yoga for Leader Well-Being: An introduction to the yoga path

Looking for balance? Yearning to slow down and relax? Need a breakthrough in living a reflective life? Want health and vitality?

Come and learn to relax your body, calm your mind, still your emotions, and develop a reflective practice. Deepen your overall sense of well being, health and vitality, increase your intuition and inspirations, and develop leader wisdom.

Yoga classes consists of yoga asanas (postures), breath awareness, meditation and introductory yoga philosophy

Yoga of Leadership Program

The Yoga Path and the Integrative Leadership paths are both paths to oneness, wholeness, and integration. This program offered annually at the Sivananada Ashram, Paradise Island, Bahamas is for those who practice yoga and are interested in how yoga and the path of Integrative Leadership are one and the same, and how the yoga path can greatly inform and guide your leadership development and practice as you lead yourself personally and professionally, in family and teams, and in community and organizations.

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