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The Leadership Development Series: A Customized in-house Progressive Leadership Development Program


Highly interactive with short presentations, 360 feedback, and individual assessments (MBTI, TKI, EI and Resiliency), personalized leadership development plans reflection time, small and large group discussion in an atmosphere of respect, trust and creativity. The focus will be on real issues, meaningful conversations and working together to strengthen leadership in your respective organizations. A resource package will be included.

Workshop 1: Realizing Your Leader Potential (2 day program)

  • Learn current leadership and management theory and key leadership practices that are relevant to today's context – leading change, inspiring a shared vision and engaging others, modeling the way, enabling others to do their best and encouraging the heart, based on the Leadership Challenge Model.
  • Clarify your personal leadership vision and values, increase awareness of your leadership strengths and areas for development through 360 feedback and self-assessment activities, and create a leadership development plan.
  • Begin applying the theory and research, best practices to your personal situation, focusing on the challenges of change, bringing out the best in self and others, and mentoring and coaching.
  • Dialogue with senior leaders, cultivate your leadership network, and share resources with other organizational leaders.

Workshop 2: Leading with Influence (pre requisite is workshop 1)( 2 day program)

Overview of leadership and review the Leadership Challenge Model and the 5 key practices of leadership.

Consider what leadership is needed now in our organization

  • Develop approaches to bring out the best in yourself and the individuals with whom you work.
  • Consider the influence of an emotionally intelligent leader on the work environment, culture, and organizational outcomes.
  • Complete an emotional intelligence self assessment , identifying strengths and areas for development.
  • Review how to strengthen important relationships, build consensus and promote collaboration, and enhance team effectiveness.
  • Learn about your typical styles of handling difficult conversations and managing conflict and how to expand your conflict management repertoire.

Workshop 3: Leading Adaptively with Presence, Resonance and Resilience (pre requisite is workshop 2)( 2 day program)

This program builds upon the Realizing Your Leader Potential and Leading with Influence Programs, by delving deeper into the inner work of a leader with the goal of supporting them with their current leadership challenges ,changes , realities and context. There is a need for personal development approaches for leaders to become more resilient and adaptive themselves and to help others to do the same. Gandhi said it well “We must become the change we want to see in the world.” All lasting change begins with the individual and as we change, others around us change.

This two day program focuses on personal /professional leadership development by supporting individuals to clarify and make progress on their toughest personal/professional and team/organizational challenges and changes. Specific goals will be to:

  • Consider the adaptive leadership framework and how this approach can help you make progress on your current leadership challenges.
  • Clarify the adaptive leadership challenges in your sphere of influence, yourself, team, unit/ department and explore the leadership needed now.
  • Learn about adaptive leadership behaviors such as “getting on the balcony” to gain objectivity, perspective, look for patterns, ask yourself tough questions such as “how am I responsible here?” and being informed and guided by this new wisdom in your leadership, remembering that all change begins with the individual and as we changes, we influence others.
  • Clarify your personal leadership vision and values, connect to your purpose, increase awareness of your leadership strengths and areas for development through self-assessment activities, and create a personal leadership and team/ organization development plan.
  • Clarify you own ‘triggers’ and tolerances and how to care for yourself.
  • Assess your own resilience , learn to cultivate resilience in yourself, and to help others to do the same.
  • Explore what it means to be a resonant leader and what is possible by consciously choosing the power of your presence.
  • Cultivate and strengthen your leadership support network, and share resources with other leaders.

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