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Conference Speaking

III. For Meeting Planners


Pre-Program Questionaire

Contact Data:
Program Date:
Name of preparer:
Phone Number:
Fax Number:
The Program:
Purpose of the gathering:
Theme for this event:
Specific location of program:
Start and end times for the facilitator's presentation and program activities that precede and follow the presentation:
Your specific objectives for the facilitator's presentation:
What behavior changes, results or outcomes would signal that this presentation was successful?
Other professional speakers who will be participating in this program and their topics:
Your Organization:
Significant events/developments in your group, organization or industry over the last year:
Recent breakthroughs and achievements:
Current challenges:
Sensitive issues that should be avoided:
Audience Profile
Number of Attendees:
Percentages: Male Female
Average Age:
Educational background:
Major job titles and job responsibilities of attendees:
What 2-3 main things should the facilitators know about working with this group?:
Other attendees (spouses, special guests, association reps?):
Contact information for 3-5 attendees representing a typical cross section of the group, whom the facilitators could contact in advance for background information to help with their preparation:
NamesJob TitlesPhoneE-mail
Any specific requests, cautions, advice that you would offer:


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